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    Closed Saturdays in August. Hours vary around holidays, so please call before you make a trip. Check out our fine selection of concertinasbutton accordionspiano accordionsand chromatic accordions.

    You'll also find a wide selection of books, CDs, accessories, and gifts. Please use the menu above to browse our inventory. The anglo concertina is diatonic, playing a different note on the push and on the pull.

    It is often used for chanteys and American fiddle music. The English concertina is fully chromatic and its note layout is based on the musical staff. It plays the same note on the push and on the pull. Originally designed for classical music, the English system is well-suited to folk music and chordal accompaniment. There are several duet systems of concertina. They all play the same note on the push and on the pull, and they are all designed to allow accompaniment to be played in one hand and melody lines in the other.

    They are suitable for all sorts of folk and popular music. Diatonic button accordions play a different note on the push and on the pull. On the right-hand side, each row of buttons is in a different key. The left-hand side features bass and chord buttons.

    Different styles of button accordion are popular for many sorts of folk music, including Irish, English, French, and many Latin styles. Piano accordions feature a piano-like keyboard on the right hand, with chords and basses on the left hand. These accordions are fully chromatic and suitable for jazz, classical, folk, and popular music. Chromatic button accordions are fully chromatic and play the same note on the push and on the pull. The right-hand fingerboard consists of 3 to 5 rows of buttons arranged chromatically, and the left-hand side features bass and chords.

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    These accordions are a popular choice for jazz, classical, and many styles of European music. We carry new and used concertinas from our own brand, R. We carry a variety of vintage Wheatstone, Jeffries, and Lachenal concertinas, among others.

    Button accordion

    If you don't see an instrument you're looking for in our current inventory, please contact us. We can special order new instruments or help you find a vintage one to your taste.

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    Please let us know if you have a preference for one of those services. Merchant Services. Services and store information R. BBupdate BBupdate is our e-mail list to notify customers when we've added a batch of new instruments to our website.Skip to main content Button Accordions.

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    Currently unavailable. It is everything I expected. Mechcanical action is excellent with buttons. I have never played a accordian, so I have a large learning curve ahead of me.

    button accordion

    The muscle movement to operate the billows is different than I am use to, so I can tell that I will have to get those muscles in shape.

    Love the sound. Now all I have to do is learn to play it well. See All Buying Options.

    button accordion

    It is a bit louder and the quality I am a beginner but know abut accordions and specially the right ones for beginners. I have a Panther one in the key of G, so I decided to buy this. Man I am very pleased. It is a bit louder and the quality and size are great. I am still learning and will update this review as I learn more. If you want to learn to play the accordion I recommend this one. Is not cheap but is not expensive.

    The money you expend is the money you get when you sell it. Any question feel free to ask. I bought it for the price ofI advise you to buy it at this price range this same mode, -does not matter what color.A button accordion is a type of accordion on which the melody -side keyboard consists of a series of buttons rather than piano -style keys of a piano accordion.

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    The first button accordion is credited to Franz Walther in A wide variation in keyboard systems, tuning, action and construction of these instruments exists. The two main examples of this are the chromatic button accordion and the diatonic button accordion. The diatonic button accordion generally has two or three rows of buttons, each row tuned to a certain key.

    The Cajun accordion or single-row button accordion is also a diatonic accordion. Most diatonic accordions are bisonoricmeaning that a button produces two different notes by pushing or pulling the bellows. Accidentals are either not included or provided on additional "helper" buttons. The chromatic button accordion is unisonoricmeaning that each button produces one note, whether pushing or pulling the bellows.

    This accordion also has rows of buttons, but unlike the diatonic button accordion, it can be freely played in any key, usually with identical fingering patterns. This type of accordion is very popular in Parisian 'musette' music.

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    However, chromatic accordions, like piano accordions, are generally more suitable to 'serious' music such as Classical and Jazz than diatonic instruments are not that there aren't any virtuoso diatonic players or any serious music composed for them. In Europe, Chromatics are more common than piano accordions, while in North America it is the other way around.

    Diatonic button accordion

    All accordions and concertinas have three main components: the reeds, bellows, and buttons or keys. The accordion has reeds on both the treble and bass sides.

    Some accordions have switches which select different reeds banks to give different tonal qualities, much as a pipe organ does. Most diatonic instruments lack switches, though there are some made by companies such as Hohner, as well as the one-row 'Cajun'-type boxes which have usually 3 or 4 stops on top of the box as switches making it even more akin to a pipe organbut it is generally more common to find switches on a chromatic or piano accordion.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Accordion. Oxford University Press. Retrieved January 1, [1st. SAGE Publications.

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    Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    This article relating to musical instruments is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.Ja, Bitte! Nein Danke! Inan exciting new band emerged from the Los Angeles music scene. They played a unique mixture of punk rock, traditional Celtic music, and Irish folk.

    They went on to become a staple of the folk punk scene. Their name: Flogging Molly. A crucial part of their sound: the accordion. The accordion is mostly associated with traditional folk and classical music; however, it also has its place in pop, rock, jazz, and even death metal.

    There are two main kinds of accordion, distinguished by their different keyboards: button accordions and piano accordions. All accordions have a button keyboard on the left-hand side for bass chords, but on the right-hand side, where the melody is played, they can have either piano or button keys. Wir haben auch eine deutschsprachige Webseite. Sollen wir die Sprache wechseln? A further invisible distinction is the type: there are both chromatic and diatonic accordions.

    The most common accordion in the Americas is the diatonic. It has two notes per button, depending on whether you push or pull the bellows, thus allowing for it to be smaller. The chromatic accordion is most common in mainland Europe and Russia.

    Chromatic accordions can have piano or button keys on the right-hand side — a question of personal preference. It is often heard in European folk, pop, and rock. We offer a variety of accessories for accordions to enable you to make the most of your instrument and have the best possible playing experience.

    From straps made from different materials and in different colors, to gig bags and cases for safe transport.The Chromatic Accordion can play in any key, just like a piano accordion, theoretically with the same fingering and sequence of buttons whatever key you are in.

    This is however over simplification and you will probably find some keys easier to play in than others. Probably because of the effort of thinking about them rather than any particular comparative finger difficulty. Chromatic accordions are not to be confused with diatonic accordions, such as melodeons and more types which are designed to play inside particular specified keys rather than cover any possible key modulations. Unlike the folk style button accordions on chromatic you have enough buttons for every note and do not have to worry about them varying with bellows direction.

    To identify the actual notes it is customary to colour the buttons for the piano key they would represent. A C system instrument will have equal numbers of black and white buttons on the outside, alternately 2 white and 2 black whereas a B system will have the row with 3 white and then 1 black there.

    Notice how this keeps the principle of the same direction of travel for up and down as up being a right hand move for your hand and down is moving to the left as on a piano style keyboard.

    NB The C system Free Bass works exactly the same across 4 rows on a convertor system, but in order that the fingering is the same the notes are in the opposite direction. You may notice that your left and right hand are mirror images of each other! This gives you a better feel for what is going on and makes most movements, especially chord and arpeggio based moves, easier.

    You can feel the chord shapes in the grasp of your fingers in this way. It also makes it easy to prepare where you are going in advance better, having your fingers covering the notes you are playing before you actually need to use them. This is vital to agile and smooth playing in either chromatic accordion or piano accordion. If you watch expert musicians you will notice their hands appear to hardly move, because they are already where they will need to be.

    You will notice many chromatic players appear not to use the thumb and often deliberately hold it tight against the edge of the keyboard so they cannot use it. I really do not know why they do that. You will get smoother moves using only the fingers it is true, because the thumb works in a different way than the fingers, waving around instead of coming straight down. It is difficult to use the thumb on inner rows also because it will tend to catch on the row s closer to the outside.

    It can make very easy thumb crossing multi octave arpeggios on the outside row, but you need to choose your keys wisely or choose a different system altogether.

    button accordion

    As a side benefit of playing chromatic I have found that the stepping style movement can also be used particularly on upward chromatic runs on piano style keyboard, avoiding the need to use thumb movement.

    On the way down I play conventionally since the thumb is already there! On the right and left hand sides of the diagram there may be more buttons working exactly the same way depending on the size of the accordion. Further info on the diagram, white outlined buttons are a sample of how you can move in full tones, while turquoise outlined buttons show the chromatic semitone movement.

    The semitone system is more tight and tucked in under the notes.New Instrument Lines All models available to order. Why buy from The Button Box? Warranty and returns policy Warranty and returns policy. Key of C.

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    Circa s, with brown burl-pattern finish. Shimmed keyboard. Attractive marbled bellows papers. No case or straps included. Key of D.

    button accordion

    With single strap. Wet tuned. Made in Germany. No case or straps. Natural finish, pearloid buttons, and mother of pearl inlays. Custom dry-tuned with Cajun temperament. With soft case. We've re-tuned this box to give it the authentic Cajun sound - dry, with the 3rds, 4ths and 7ths "sweetened".

    Italian reeds, tuned tremolo Americano. Black gloss finish with pearl white buttons. Includes soft case and straps. Details here. German tremolo. With single plain shoulder strap and hard case. Flat keyboard with 21 treble buttons. Natural finish beech. With case and straps. A limited run of these were made for the well-known NYC-area musician a number of years ago. An excellent value. Flat keyboard with 23 treble buttons.

    McComiskey bass layout. With soft case and strap.A melodeon or diatonic button accordion is a member of the free-reed aerophone family of musical instruments. It is a type of button accordion on which the melody -side keyboard contains one or more rows of buttons, with each row producing the notes of a single diatonic scale. The buttons on the bass -side keyboard are most commonly arranged in pairs, with one button of a pair sounding the fundamental of a chord and the other the corresponding major triad or, sometimes, a minor triad.

    Diatonic button accordions are popular in many countries, and used mainly for playing popular music and traditional folk music, and modern offshoots of these genres. Various terms for the diatonic button accordion are used in different parts of the English-speaking world. To simplify matters and avoid ambiguity, in the remainder of this article the term diatonic button accordion, or DBA, will be used. Most diatonic button accordions have a "single-action" or bisonoric keyboard, [ citation needed ] meaning that each button produces two notes: one when the bellows are pressed or pushed closed and another when the bellows are drawn or pulled opened.

    In this respect, these instruments operate like a harmonica. In contrast, most other types of accordion, for example piano accordions and chromatic button accordions, are "double-action" — or unisonoric — because each key produces a single note regardless of bellows direction.

    Other single-action or bisonoric members of the free-reed family include the German concertina, the Anglo-German or "Anglo" concertina, the bandoneonand the Chemnitzer concertina see concertina.

    There are varieties of diatonic button accordion that are double-action, such as the garmon. Because each button produces two notes, the diatonic scale can be covered in four buttons on a melody row.

    For example, on a melody row pitched in C, the notes of the lower full octave of the instrument's range are assigned to four buttons as follows:. Note: the first button in the example above, numbered 1, is likely to be the 3rd or 4th button in a row on an instrument. When the bellows are pressed, every button produces a note from the major triad of the home key; in this case, the pattern CEG repeats itself throughout the keyboard.

    The remaining notes of the diatonic scale are produced when the bellows are drawn or pulled. Since there are seven notes in the diatonic scale, and since each button produces two notes, the note pairings on the buttons change in each octave. In the second full octave of the instrument's range, E is paired with D instead of with F in the first octaveand so on.

    Because the range of each row is typically restricted to two complete octaves with a few notes above and belowthe inconsistent note pairing from one octave to the next remains manageable. For detailed diagrams of typical note layouts on various types of diatonic button accordion, see melodeon. On a one-row DBA, music in a single major key and its relative minor can be played.

    For example, an instrument in D can play music in D major and B minor. However, the variety of music that can be played on a one-row instrument is wider than these facts might suggest: besides D major and B minor, our one-row instrument in D can play tunes in A Mixolydian and E Dorianand tunes that use gapped scales, such as pentatonic tunes with a root of D, G or A.

    A one-row DBA has the advantages of being light and compact, but is by its nature limited to the notes of a single diatonic scale. Since the mid-to-late 19th century, instruments have been produced with more than one row in order to give players a greater choice of scales and tonalities. Multi-row systems can be divided into two broad classes: "fourth-apart" systems and "semitone-apart" systems.

    Fourth-apart systems are the most widespread form of multi-row DBA. Moving from the outside the keyboard towards the inside, each row is pitched one-fourth higher than its neighbour.


    Button accordion

    The basic knowledge needed to play a button accordion is relatively simple to grasp.

    Once you understand the basics you will be surprised how quickly you can play basic tunes and simple melodies. However, becoming proficient on the instrument is another matter.

    Although button accordions are uncomplicated instruments, in the hands of a skilled player, button accordions are impressive musical instruments. Button accordions are diatonic instruments. They are actually very similar to harmonicas. Diatonic means that they are based on a major scale. You produce one note by holding a button and pushing the bellows in. Holding the same note and pulling the bellows out produces another note.

    Learn the difference between the left and right side of the accordion. The left side of the accordion is the bass side. There are usually two buttons. There are10 buttons on the right side, which is the treble side. Your accordion is tuned to a specific key such as C major.

    All diatonic accordions are played in the same way despite what key they are tuned to. The bass side allows you to play the fundamental bass note and the tonic chord. If your accordion is tuned to C, then this will be a C bass note and C major chord. When you are pulling the bellows out you can play the dominant chord and bass note, which is G in the key of C major. Practice playing the major scale.

    Once you learn how to play a major scale, you will be ready to play songs on the accordion. There are 10 buttons on the treble side, which allow you to play two octaves of the C major scale. Each button produces two notes, one note when you are pushing the bellows in and a second note pulling the bellows out.

    To play a C major scale, push in the third button and push the bellows in, hold the same button and pull the bellows out and this will be D. Move up a button and repeat the process. Slightly half way up you will have to change the pattern.

    Practice the major scale playing quarter notes and eight notes. Combine the left and right hand.It has a rich, satisfying sound that can cross over to folk and country. It may take a lifetime to master, but by approaching the instrument logically--and casting aside notions of a piano keyboard--you might just surprise yourself at how quickly you pick it up and how good you sound. Before you play a button accordion, play a harmonica. If you play the harmonica, the musical navigation of a button accordion will seem familiar.

    Play around with it. After you do, the arrangement of tones and notes on a button accordion will make much more sense.

    Slip your arms through the straps and position the accordion in your mid- to upper chest so that the long row of buttons is under your right hand and the short rows of buttons are at your left.

    Ignore the left-hand buttons.

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    They add bass and can be mastered relatively easily once you find your way around the right-hand side. Find the important buttons on the right side.

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    The "home" button sounds the root of the tonic chord. For instance, if you're playing a C accordion, the home button will be a C. It's usually ridged or jeweled or somehow marked so you can find it by feel. The "breath" button toward the top of the accordion lets you pull apart the bellows without making a sound. Though most accordions snap shut, some accordions have a "lock" button near the top that locks and unlocks the bellows.

    Button Accordions

    Obviously, you can't play if the bellows can't move. Sound the major chord for the accordion's predominant key. Button accordions are set to a key—often C or G—and are built around the major chords in that key. The tonic is sounded by pushing your hands together and pressing on the main row of buttons on the right-hand side. The seventh is sounded by pulling your hands apart.

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    So for a one-row C accordion, if you pressed the indented or ridged or jeweled or somehow marked button, which is C, pressed another button in the same row, and pushed your hands together you would play part of a C major chord.

    If you pulled your hands apart you would play part of a G chord--a G7 chord, technically. A two-row button accordion would have the tonic C and its seventh G7 on one row and the fifth F and its seventh C7 on the second. A three-row button accordion adds the seventh G and its seventh D7.

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    Push your hands together and play two-note chords by pressing adjacent buttons or skipping buttons between notes. Move along the tonic row, the longest row on the right side, adding passing chords by pulling your hands apart before pushing your hands together again. At a chord change, either pull your hands apart to play a seventh or move to a different row. Experiment with single notes.Really a worthy app to have when you are on Shopify, which maintains the Returns easily and tracks the status.

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    button accordion

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    button accordion

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